World class quality


Our greeting card concept differs to the traditional greeting card concept as we focus on: Cards that offer completely different designs, cuts and finishes (such as flocking and glitter). Cards that feature the highest print & paper board quality (300gsm). Cards that are category top sellers and add value to the greeting card category.

Pay for what you sell


With CardCo SA's famous consignment plan you only pay for what you sell. Not a fan of consignment, we offer pre-paid plans as well. We offer a package to suit your needs and ease of use.

Maximising Profit
We offer many affordable plans to suit your store budget and potential turnover. We drop off and replenish as often as your stock falls below 5% quantity on any display medium.
Stock is available to buy COD and manageable on your own terms. 



CardCo SA is the Master Franchisee of Card Group Sweden in South Africa, we are distributors and wholesalers of Greeting Cards, Gift Bags, Stickers, Candles, Balloons, Wrapping Paper, Accessories and other related products. At CardCo SA we are committed to work with passion and to deliver and service our customers with the  highest standards. CardCo SA is commited to delivering the highest quality of product and customer service available on the market.






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