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We are Different



CardCo SA is the Master Franchisee of Card Group Sweden in South Africa, we are distributors and wholesalers of Greeting Cards, Gift Bags, Stickers, Candles and other Packaging ideas. At CardCo SA we are committed to work with passion and to deliver and service our customers with the  highest standards. CardCo SA is committed to delivering the highest quality of product and customer service available on the market.




A Global Company with local presence. InterCard/CardGroup is a highly successful international greeting card and gift distribution franchise organization. Founded in Sweden in 1997, the company achieved early success, expanding quickly throughout Europe prior to becoming truly global. The Group continues to grow, and is expanding into many new markets every year worldwide. Operationally, CardGroup is based upon Master Franchise led operations in each country, combining the resources and support associated with a major company, with the enterprise, commitment and service of the local franchisee.

Intercard Cardgroup flags of the world. The Business Concept centers around the distribution and sale of our own specialist ranges of innovative high quality Greeting cards, Gift-Wraps, Gift Bags and associated products designed to give excellent value for money.

Our aim is to give much better value for money than our competitors!

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    Why “We are Different”

  •  Designs are completely different to competitors.

  •  Unique shapes, materials, colours, themes, styles, finishes and quality.

  • A different merchandising service.

  • No investment in stock and only pay for what you sell.

  • Category top selling products worldwide.


"Our products, with unique designs and styles, have the highest quality in the market and feature high quality finishes such as; velvet, glitter, holographic foil, embossing, UV varnish, fun die cuts, etc."

We love our planet & care about the environment! 

Our greeting cards are plastic free
  • We do not use cellophane bags for our greeting cards they are supplied without cellophane.

  • In this way we save tons of plastic waste going into the environment.

Card Group is an FSC certified company. 
(Forest Stewardship Council)

  • All our greeting cards are printed on FSC certified paper.

  • All envelopes used for our greeting cards are made from FSC paper.

  • Bows & Ribbons packaging material is ECO friendly. All plastic packaging has been removed and replaced with paper packaging.

  • Balloons packaging material is ECO friendly. All plastic packaging has been removed and replaced with paper packaging.

Timber regulation
  • We follow the timber regulation. Paper products come under the EU Timber Regulations (EUTR), which prohibit the importation and use of illegally harvested timber and timber products.

Printing ink
  • We use soya ink (plant base) for printing and water-based sealers as standards. This ink meets the EU REACH standard.


  • This means the printer uses vegetable inks & the environmental benefits of using these are that they are a renewable resource, conserve petroleum supplies, reduce VOCs (volatile organic compounds). At the end of the” life” of the product vegetable inks can be easier to” de-ink” during the recycling process and therefore easier to recycle.